Our aim is to empower

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To inspire brighter future


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Our aim is to empowerIMG_0016

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Inspiring life into, ‘Project Kasi’ is a young man from humble beginnings who turned his life around when he found a passion for skateboarding. Theo, as he skateboards through the township (Kasi) , perfecting his railside on the side of a curb, dreams of the day he will ride township streets with hundreds of youth. He dreams of teaching them the rules of skateboarding and life. He dreams of seeing pride beam across their faces and their eyes lighting up as they do their first ‘Ollie’. He dreams of them going to bed at night feeling like they have a purpose, like they can accomplish that which they set their minds to. He dreams that as they follow their dreams, they inspire other youth too, bringing new hope and a new vision into the young minds and hearts of kids in the township.



Skateboarding has the potential to bring healing, and so it is our mission to bring skateboarding clinics to schools in townships. The skateboarding clinics use a holistic approach to empower youth using cognitive therapies which focuses on resilience building, positive psychology, developing healthy self-esteem and healthy habits, inclusion and ubuntu. With our skateboarding clinics we will:

  • Carry out free skateboard lessons at schools.
  • Provide skateboards, accessories and safety gear.
  • Construct and maintain skate parks within schools.
  • Promote sports and healthy living.
  • Provide life and cognitive skills.

About us

Project Kasi, is a non-profit organization (2020/844949/08) founded in Cape Town, South Africa. The association was founded by Theo Poswayo, a Nyanga resident with the sole purpose of giving young people the opportunity to expand their social skills and develop talent through skateboarding and sports. Project Kasi now consists of 4 differently qualified people, all with a solid background in social development and sport with the only intention of growing this project and reaching as many children as possible.


Pantani Luca
Theo Poswayo
Tarryn Tomlinson
Khomo Mokhobo